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Going to sauna is always exciting. It is a calm place where to break out of daily routine and to have good time with your friends, family, colleagues and so on. But, it is not just about having good time and relax. In many cultures sauna has been used as a spa, where you clean your body from outside and inside and enrichen your skin and hair with 100% natural “medicine”. After a procedure like this you will be full of energy, very clean and your mood will be uplifted for days.

What Does Heatwave SPA Session consist of?

Casual Heatwave session consists of 3-4 stages. first stage is to slowly heat up your body so it understands that further on it will be quite hot and so it does not enable “defense” mode. When body has been prepared, then the SPA session can start.

Firstly, you cleanse and enrichen your skin with different types of scrubs, then you swat your body with switches that are made from trees’ wigs. Swatting with switches has both aromatherapy and massage effect which effectively remove dead skin cells. Last part is massage with different oils and tools. All of these methods are excellent to relieve stress, cleanse and enriched your skin and even help to loose weight.

Heatwave has made a simple how to guide, so you can do all of it on yourself and on other persons in a safe and comfortable manner.

What Is Being Used In Heatwave Sauna?

Every ingredient and accessory is 100% natural and handmade with love. Inside the room of sauna ingredients evaporate in air and all these micro molecules end up inside of our lungs. That’s why no chemicals are being used in cleaning process and during the sauna session.

Heatwave offers many different combinations of tea, scrubs, twig brooms, massage oils, face masks to suit your needs and wishes. I have created easy to use instructions so every person can try different techniques and enjoy this spa at its full potential.

Sauna goodies

What are the health benefits?

Going inside sauna is always a pleasurable journey where you gather positive emotions, establish better relationships with your family members, friends, colleagues, spouse etc. But not only. A good session in sauna gives you many health benefits that will make you feel younger, stronger, happier. So, what are these benefits?

  • Deep sweating flushes toxins
  • Sauna relieves stress
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Soothe pain in muscles and joints
  • Better recovery after intense physical activity
  • Improve cardiovascular performance
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Can induce a deeper sleep
  • Burns calories
  • Can help fight illness 


Regular Sauna

Regular sauna means that Heatwave will deliver sauna with everything that is needed for a wet or dry sauna session. This is for those who just want to relax or have fun in a traditional sauna without SPA elements.


This package is for those who really want to threat their body at its best. Spa elements are specially chosen to maximise the effect of SPA, which means that with help of  different ingredients from nature you infuse your body with the best vitamins, minerals which will protect your body, boost your immune system and even cure some injuries.


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