What is Sauna?

Sauna is a small wooden room or even a building specially designed to experience dry or wet heat  sessions.  The origin of this word can be found in finnish history books, by meaning, that Finland is the country that can be proud of inventing sauna!

     In early days, such rooms were mainly used for bathing or heating yourself up in very harsh and cold weather. People in other countries did use similar way of heating up and cleansing body, for instance Turkey (Hammam), Russia (Banya), Japan (Sentō), Mexico (Temazcal), Latvia (Pirts), but all these cultures had different traditions and meaning for “sauna”. Some people use it just as a bathing place, some for smoking meat or drying clothes after sessions or even for rituals and spiritual needs…

What is the purpose of sauna?

     The main purpose of going in sauna is to clean your body. During a heat session, blood circulation and sweat production are dramatically increased because your body tries to maintain its basal temperature.

     Because of increased blood circulation, the skin draws more oxygen and nutrients inside and it makes your skin look moisturized and healthy. Increased sweating helps to discharge toxins and waste. Sweating will rinse the pores and will help to remove dead skin cells and remove all the impurities that are inside the skin. When wastes and toxins are removed, unsightly skin conditions like acne, pimples and blackheads are less frequently problematic.

When we take a shower, we wash off the oils and dirt that are on top of the skin, but being inside the sauna room will clean the skin from the inside.

     Besides cleansing and feeding your skin with nutrients the process of going in sauna will establish better connection with other people. It is a perfect place where a person can spend some time with themselves, with their family, friends, colleagues and loved ones.

    The atmosphere inside is very relaxing and calm. Different elements from nature like birch twig brooms, natural teas, aromatic oils, plant based scrubs and more will definitely make the atmosphere unique which will uplift your mood, make you relaxed  and will bring you closer to nature. Some people say that it is like different universe, universe, where people show love and empathy to others. Well, i could not say that it is different universe, but i can certainly say that temperature and aroma recipe that is inside sauna will bring you very good emotions and feelings and what else do you need when you want to spend some quality time with yourself or others?

     What else is the purpose for going to sauna? At first it may look like that’s it! But no, that is not true, there is more reasons why people love sauna and why there are countries where almost everybody has one. The answer is simple- traditions and history. 

     There are very strong traditions in central and northern Europe countries when it comes to a use of sauna. Woman giving a birth to a child, couple are getting married, birthday or even praising gods have different rituals.

     So, there is no need for finding a “special” purpose to use sauna. It is truly a magical experience, so magical, that people even find a way on how to celebrate very significant stages in their lives!  

It is very interesting, that a simple room can have so many meanings…

What is being used inside?

     Since the conditions in sauna are quite “extreme”, it is very important to make sure that you are having correct materials and items inside sauna.

     Temperature inside can be even 100 degrees celsius and even more and in such a heat molecules start to evaporate in the air and they end up where? That’s correct, right inside of our lungs. Therefore, it is very important to have special equipment that is made for such environment and equipment that is coming from a trustful source (from someone who takes in consideration the conditions in sauna). Metal conducts heat very efficiently, so to avoid unwanted burns and accidents it is more than advisable to use items made out of wood.

     In short, buckets made out of wood, or metal, clothing from wool or linen, special igneous stones for stove, and 100% natural tea, aromas, snacks and birch twigs from clean and “healthy” habitats… That means, that chemicals are not welcome inside the room of sauna (even in cleaning process after, during or before use) and yes, you are right, mobile phone is definitely NOT welcome! 🙂

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