Latvian Pirts

Latvian Pirts Latvian pirts is a an ancient Latvian tradition of body cleansing and promotion of well-being. It differs from other culture bathhouses with very rich application of plants and other natural materials and it’s unique procedures and rituals. Pirts is well known in Latvian culture and therefore huge part of citizens tend to have […]

Mexican Temazcal

Mexican Temazcal At a first glance, the procedure and environment of mexican temazcal is quite similar to sauna. Heating element- hot vulcanic stones, steam is being produced by adding water with different herbs on hot stones, rubbing your skin with different plants and between sessions the participants drink water, tea or water enriched with herbs. […]

Turkish Hammam

Turkish Hammam Turkish baths are specific. Visitors lie down on priorly heated marble and hammam master scrubs and massages your skin.​ After peeling with scrub your body is therefore covered with aromatic foam that gives a pleasant massage.      For centuries, the turkish bath has been a magical, religious and hygienic ritual and these […]